A tiny film about a big taboo. 
Written and directed by Klaas Arie Westland. Assistant Director Mattijs Mollee. Producer Raoul Scheepe. Director of Photography Marijn Zurburg. Camera assistant Marc Slings. Sound Designer Ronnie van der Veer. Color grading Joppo te Velthuis. Editor Jasper Verhorevoort. Title design Sander Brouwer.
2013 The Netherlands

To get the top-shot our camera-team had to climb all the way up, outside of the building. The film was shot just before swimming paradise Tropicana was shut down. I had children's parties there as a child eating french fries, getting mayonaise between my toes. But hey, just swim and you'll get rid of it.
I'm still very grateful to my team for making this film possible. 

This is the affiche for the short film I made with the help from Dutch designer Sander Brouwer.