Let's connect!
Hi there! I'm Klaas Arie Westland. I'm a filmmaker and I love to make films with people, not about them. I'm inspired by the people around me, close by and personal. Working in small crews make productions flexible and the proces a journey in itself. The result can be both fiction or non-fiction, or something in between. In the end it's about being curious and sharing the stories that need to be told. 
As an allround writer/director filmmaker I often end up operating the camera and editing the films myself. But of course making films is about collaborating and understanding each others strengths. So I am always interested in helping others when possible, feel free to contact me.

Next to my work as a filmmaker I love connecting people and filmmakers too. I've initiated a platform for fellow filmmakers to meet and show their films in cinema. More information at www.geldersdoek.nl (in dutch).